blog eight

Sigh. . .section three. I have posted my proposal for the final section of my Web site (you can link to it here), but I’m not sure really where to go from there. To summarize that page: I have begun to gather articles I think might be of interest to me (based on titles, abstracts, etc.), I have narrowed down my idea of what I would like to write about (literature via hypertext. . .possibly the aesthetic value of paper versus electronic media or the differences between the actual activity of reading static text versus hypertext. . . ?), but I’m not sure where my opinion lies yet. The Landow book has helped me get a start on where I’d like to go with this section, but I think I need to find more tailored information (hopefully I chose relevant articles!). I plan on doing some more reading and Web-surfing in order to get a better grasp on what I would like to say about my topic, because I just don’t know enough about hypertext and its future impacts yet. (I do plan on slaying Kindle and other E-readers, but I don’t know how I’ll work that in yet.) So if anyone knows anything about literature and hypertext and would like to help me out, I’d appreciate it. And if anyone needs to bounce ideas off of someone, I’m game.


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